At TRANSCHEMICAL Ltd we specialize in the transportation of fuels, gas, chemicals and asphalts throughout the national territory. We have more than 30 years of experience in the field, which, together with a strong commitment to road safety and a constant search of the technical development of our fleet, has allowed us to provide an excellent transport service.

Our focus is on the fuel and asphalt distribution service operating directly with the oil companies. In this sector, we have developed most of our history, working with YPF for more than 15 years, providing different types of services (transportation of methanol, fuel between plants, jet fuel, asphalts, fuel oil) and we have become contractors to transport their CIF sales in different areas of the country.

Since 2015, our company management has decided to implement an internal management system that ensures quality of service, protects the environment from the influence of our activity, and guarantees a policy of continuous improvement in terms of road safety. That is why we have successfully certified the ISO 9001 standards for the Quality Management System, the ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System and the ISO 39001 for the Road Safety Management System.


Contribute to the peace of mind of our customers by generating comprehensive energy solutions, supported by a high-performance human organization.


Consolidate as the leading company in the oil transport, product distribution and services, most efficient in the region. We strive to offer quality services that generate an operational profitability, to enhance the competitiveness of your company and support it in the constant growth.


Service, Efficiency, Integrity and Formality to meet the needs of our customers in time and quality.

Quality Policy and Management System

In 2015, the management of the company took the decision to certify the management system to ensure that internal processes guarantee an excellent quality of service, good treatment of the environment and road safety for drivers and the community.

For that reason, in January 2016 Transchemical Ltd. successfully certified the standards 9001: 2008 Quality Management, 14001: 2004 Environmental Management and 39001: 2012 Road Safety Management.

Why is it important for us to implement a road safety management system?

Avoid loss of
Human Lives

Reduce environmental

Avoid a fall in

Quality Policy, Environment and Road Safety

Transchemical S.A. is a leading company in transport of dangerous substances with more than 40 years of experience in the field, which added to a strong vocation for technical development, allows you to guarantee a service of excellence. Our pillars are:

  • Guarantee the quality of the service, complying with the client's requirements and the legal, environmental and road requirements.
  • Make rational use of resources taking care of the environment.
  • Focus efforts towards continuous improvement and customer compliance.
  • Analyze their degree of satisfaction and adopt corrective and / or preventive measures in cases of deviations.
  • Maintain the fleet of vehicles in conditions to guarantee the permanent availability of the same and to be able to fulfill in time and form the need of the client, safeguarding the life of the people and guaranteeing the road safety.
  • Prevent pollution Evaluate and control potentially negative environmental impacts.
  • To promote at all times the improvement in the road safety performance of drivers, units and processes.
  • Maintain an adequate and pleasant work environment.
  • Periodically verify the compliance and effectiveness of the Management System implemented through scheduled internal audits and review by Management.
  • Keep staff trained in the tasks they perform.
  • Analyze management data so that decisions and future actions are effective for the purposes of this Policy.
  • Maintain fluid communication channels to achieve greater efficiency in the service.
  • Perform controls and follow-up regarding the consumption of alcohol and drugs in the company's personnel to ensure that there is no consumption in the exercise of the work.

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